Monday, January 26, 2009

Look Up and You'll See Ursa Major--In My Kitchen

I was standing in the kitchen with eleven-year-old Baby Bear the other day, when Mr. Lucky, sitting in the family room, looked our way and said, “Karen. That kid is as tall as you. Maybe taller.”

No way. I glanced at Baby Bear in disbelief. Darned if his eyes weren’t level with mine.

There was only one way to make myself feel better about this colossal development. “If he’s as tall as me,” I said to Mr. Lucky, “then he’s also as tall as you.”

“No!” he bellowed.

“Oh yes,” I assured him. “In fact, to quote you . . . maybe taller.”


My husband and I—and now our youngest son—are all 5 feet, 11 inches tall. Our firstborn was only about 5’7” at this age, and today, at age 20, he’s 6’5”. Who knows what heights the Bear will hit. Yes, we are scared yet.

I don’t seem to realize day to day how tall Baby Bear is, even when I see him next to his father. On the other hand, when we attended the holiday program at his school last month and spotted him among a large group of people (who am I kidding, it was hard to miss him), I found myself amazed by how huge he was. Not only was he the tallest student, but he towered over many of the adults.

But once we got home, I couldn’t see the goliath, even though his height matched mine. All I saw was my Baby Bear, who still snuggles up to me, but can no longer sit on my lap.

My Ursa Minor has been promoted to a Major. Maybe I should start calling him the Big Dipper. (You should see him plunge his hand into a bowl to scoop out a fistful of popcorn.)

He no longer looks up at me. It won’t be long before I’ll have to look up at him.



Vicki said...

Since I'm all of 5'1" this will never be a problem for me. Everyone is taller than I am.

I do know what you mean about not seeing it though. Science Guy is 6'4" and in the beginning I so realized how tall he was compared to me, but now, not so much. I'm sure others do and wonder how we even kiss, but hey, we got it covered.

The odd thing for me is when I stand on a stool and look around and realize this is the world he sees and I see a completely differnt view of the same world.

Wendi said...

Awww, Karen. I feel your pain. My little man is almost as tall as me now too. And he can't wait for the day he surpasses me. He comes up to measure himself against me regularly, and if we pass a mirror at the same time he insists we stop so he can gloat and I can wipe the same tear you're wiping.

How does it happen so fast?