Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CYOA at Manuscript Mavens Today!

That's "Choose Your Own Adventure", not "Cover Your Own A**" or what I'm best known for doing, which is "Crying and Yelling Obscenities Aloud." I'm guestblogging today as part of the Valentine CYOA, courtesy of the wonderful Manuscript Mavens.

Check it out, vote for a plot twist, and get a chance to win a rare first edition copy of True Pretenses--and thank you, Mavens, for inviting me over to play!

Note to Wendi Darlin: I have your tag, and as soon as I can get out of this swamp in which I'm currently bogged down, I'm going to call some people IT!

Here comes that arm with the tentacles again, dragging me back down . . .


Vicki said...

Your post on the Mavens was great! I'm sorry I didn't get to read it until this evening, but I did leave a comment.

I love your voice!

Erica Ridley said...

Your chapter rocked! And *I* had to follow you, which meant I stayed up till midnight brainstorming how to get them from the forest to the package. So fun!!