Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr. Lucky's Out of Town (Day 3)

Except for one little incident this evening involving a package of crackers, today was surprisingly calm considering it's Friday.

I probably never would've thought to plug in the computer screen on the main desktop if my husband hadn't told me about it. It flashed on, I logged in, and without further ado the printer promptly spewed out three copies of Chapter One. I only needed one copy, but apparently I made three tries to get it to print yesterday, and the computer remembered and took those commands to heart. The entire manuscript printed without incident.

The plumber called around noon to tell me something you don't often hear: He was running early, and wanted to know if someone was home so he could come over now. It took him about half an hour to fix the problem with the outside faucet--a valve needed to be replaced. He said it was one of the easier jobs he'd had. Indeed, Mr. Lucky remarked that he probably could've done it himself, but that leak was getting worse and neither of us wanted to contemplate how bad it might get between now and his return next Wednesday. My husband and I agreed that under the circumstances, $120.00 (mostly labor) was a small price to pay for nipping in the bud a potential disaster that might have cost us hundreds more had we waited.

In the end, the most exciting thing today was when Baby Bear brought me a package of round crackers to open. He doesn't have the fine motor skills to deal with the wrapper, but as it turns out, neither do I. I tore it open and crackers flew in all directions.

The dogs were immediately on the case, but when my youngest child is carrying around food, they always follow him like those little spooks after Pac-Man, usually for this very reason. The Bear can always be counted on to leave a trail of crumbs, but tonight they hit the jackpot.

3CH Logic: Still lit.

Let us close by knocking on wood.

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