Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Did the Peacock Cross the Road?

Coming back from lunch this afternoon, we saw a beautiful blue peacock literally sweeping his way eastward across Highway 301.

We see big gray cranes stalking along the roadside every day, usually in groups of three, but this must be the first time I’ve ever seen a peacock outside a zoo or formal garden. Where could he have come from? There are neither zoos nor formal gardens in the immediate vicinity. I’ve heard of neighborhoods down in Miami “terrorized” by peacocks run amok. For all their jewel-like beauty, they do make an awful screeching noise.

He scurried across that busy highway—a big garbage truck had to brake for him—and he safely reached the other side, where he started strutting down the newly paved bike path, his long tail gracefully stretched out behind him like a royal train.

I wanted to jump out of the car and go after him, though heaven alone knows why. He’d surely run away, and what would I do with him? I fear for his safety.

Mr. Lucky had his own idea about what to do with him: “I’ll bet he tastes like chicken.”

But romantic soul that I am, I remain enchanted. Does it mean anything if a peacock crosses your path—and if so, what?

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Anonymous said...

It was May 17th 2012 the same thing happened to me when I saw a random peacock cross my path off of a Florida Highway 429. I too have seen the gray cranes and turkey Vultures we typically see. But what is the symbolism behind seeing a peacock? It was so sad I had swerved around him first I almost ended up in the exit and then I saw the car next to me do the I looked through my review mirror onto the otherside of the highway behind me, to see a bunch of feathers flying and realizing he got hit I got off the next exit and went to find him to see how he was and if he was maybe just hurt and still alive...but no luck :o( he was gone just laying there on the side of the road. He was still warm. In memory of him I took a few feathers and I now have them posted up in my living room for him. As I took the feathers I told hime everything will be ok and said "these feathers will be for your memory". I'm actually 6 mths pregnant now and had gotten a little emotional there on the side of the highway, just feeling bad for him, as I watched how fast these cars were just flying by at their fast speeds. I too wonder what the symbolism is to this day and remind myself of how we should never overlook the symbols of life as they cross our path, because NOTHING in our life just happens for no reason. Its there to tell us somthing...