Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Bear's Gone Wild

The autistic Baby Bear is prone to head banging. Unfortunately, he's so good at it that over time he's managed to put holes through the drywall in his bedroom, which Mr. Lucky patched as seen below:

As you can see, Baby Bear has a system. He bangs till he makes one hole, then he steps to one side and starts work on another, till he's banged out a nice row of holes.

More recently, he's taken to lying on his bed and kicking his feet against the wall, leaving these lower holes:
Clearly, drywall and Baby Bears do not mix. We've searched the usual home improvement places in hopes of replacing his walls with wood panels, reminiscent of the paneling that was so fashionable in the '60's and '70's. But we can't find it anywhere, anymore than we can find shag carpeting, orange polyurethane chairs, or kitchen appliances in our choice of Avocado, Harvest Gold, or Coppertone.
Yet the local oldies station still plays disco on Saturday nights.
In the meantime, we're settling for this:

Eventually, I'd like to see the boards painted, perhaps in different colors. They're thicker than the paneling I remember from my childhood, so with luck they'll be more impervious to Bear's hard head and big feet. And even if we'd found the more attractive (and undoubtedly more expensive) paneling, I would still be concerned that eventually he'd break through it and then we'd have a major splinter problem.
If this doesn't work, our next stop is a brick wall and a cask of Mr. Poe's best Amontillado--for me, of course!


Phyllis J. Towzey said...

Oh my gosh. You need something really impenetrable, like the material they use to make the space shuttle, lol. The Amontillado sounds good, though. :)

Karen Lingefelt said...

Phyllis, the space shuttle idea is great--and he'd probably love it. Not surprising I almost need NASA to look after this kid.